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Yoco career site
Commercial · Johannesburg (South Africa), Cape Town (South Africa)

Yoco Reseller Program

Do you have access to a laptop/mobile device with stable internet connection? *
Do you have access to reliable transport? *
We are primarily looking for Resellers in metro areas where most of our target market is based. Do you live in or near a metro/ city?*
In our experience, successful Resellers spend around 30 hours per week reselling Yoco products & actively meeting with potential customers. Do you believe you have the capacity to become a successful Yoco Reseller?*
You will be selling tech products in this role, do you believe you are tech-savvy enough to be able to sell tech products to your customers? *
Do you have any aftersales support experience? *

Successful Yoco resellers sometimes have to help merchants get onboarded and deal with any queries regarding transactions & getting live. It would be useful if you have experience with technical support/ customer support/ aftersales support.

Do you have experience building & following effective sales processes? *
This role will be managed in a low touch manner via the Reseller portal. Are you comfortable working independently?*
Do you have at least 3 years' experience in sales/ business development/ reselling?*
Where did you hear about the Reseller Program?*

Personal information

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